BitUnits XP is an Ethereum Proof Of Stake token

BitUnits XP Specifications

18 Decimals

10 Million Max Supply

1 Million Initial Supply

3 Days Staking Min.

90 Days Staking Max.

9 Million to be issued via Staking

Gain XP by staking for a minimum of 3 Days to earn more tokens. Stake your XP simply by sending a transaction of any amount of XP to your own wallet address to start staking. The wallet must be the one containing your current XP balance. If you send your XP to a new wallet address, the staking process will not initiate. 

Copy the address holding XP balance and Send balance to self.

To claim the XP you have gained from staking, simply go to Etherscan from within your wallet's browser.


From the Mint tab simply click 'write' to mint your new XP.

This method is available on Trust Wallet and Enjin Wallet and any other ERC223 compatible wallet with a Dapp browser. 

You may also use Saturn Wallet and Metamask.

Remember to re-stake your XP balance once you've claimed the new assets.

You can stake your XP for up to 90 days, then you must claim your new assets and re-stake to restart the staking process.

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Ethereum Classic: BitUnits UNITS

Ethereum: BitUnits UNITX


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